Apartamenty Kaskada (third stage)

About the investment project

Construction of the first stage of the investment project at Dobrego Pasterza St. in Kraków, in which two residential buildings were erected, was an achievement of the Company’s objective. Our efforts have not gone unnoticed. We have received a distinction in a prestigious competition for the title of Krakowski Mieszkaniowy Deweloper Roku 2014 (Best Housing Developer of 2014 in Kraków) in which Super Krak S.A. was awarded for the construction of a residential complex innovative in the form of its design.
In the second stage of the investment project, we erected a building accommodating functional apartments and spacious luxury apartments with terraces.
We hope that you will find our project of interest and that our offer will meet your expectations. Apartamenty Kaskada is already a good and recognisable address in Kraków.

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